10 Ways To Increase Productivity In Your Business

Time is money, and when it comes to your business, it is very important that you get the most out of every second spent running your business because if you don’t it can cost you lots of money that you could instead stuff into your bank account as pure profit. These 10 ways to increase your productivity will help you optimize your schedule and task to operate at peak efficiency.

1. Use the 80/20 Rule

The 80/20 rule can make a massive difference in how productive you are. To begin, you determine the 20% of actions that generate roughly 80% of the desired results. Then you determine the 20% of activities that are taking up 80% of your time throughout the day. Next, you look at the overlap and determine which activities are draining time, and not producing the results needed to justify time being spent on said activities.



2. Keep Your Priorities List Short

Keeping a to-do list is essential to productivity, however sometimes it’s easy to make too many things on your list a priority, and get overwhelmed in the process. When your list gets too long, it can give you the illusion that everything deserves equal attention. A good practice, it to highlight or put an *asterisk next to the 3-5 priorities on your to-do list. You then focus on those 3-5 things first, then you can move onto other things on your list.



3. Postpone Non-Urgent Emails

Alot of time can be wasted reading and responding to non-urgent emails. Before you know it, the day is over, and you have wasted  hours answering dumb questions. To be more productive, only focus on the urgent emails that require time sensitive responses, and schedule a time later in your workday to followup with the remaining non-urgent emails. Alternatively, if you have a massive influx of email, and you can’t get through all of it yourself, you can always hire a virtual assistant to help you free up time so you can focus on income producing activities.



4. Limit Meetings To 30 Minutes

When it comes to meetings, they are without a doubt important, however most issues can be addresses in 30 minutes or less. Its always a good practice to limit your meetings by default to 30 minutes or less, and only make exceptions when you know that it will take longer, and is of high enough importance to justify having a longer meeting. Time is money, and it all adds up, and over the course of a year, it could mean thousands of dollars saved, and thousands more earned in sales.



5. Spend 1 Day Thinking Longterm

At least once per month, take a day to clear your head by going to a jog, a bike ride, or anything else relaxing that allows you to think clearly. This gives you time to look at the big picture. Sometimes when your in the trenches day in and day out, things can get a bit foggy, but if you schedule a day each month to slip away and have some time to think about the direction the company is headed, it will give you some much needed insight into the future of your business by seeing the big picture, and clearing your head.



6. Plan Based On Your Energy Levels & Emotions

Everyone has their ups and downs, and sometimes during the day, you will notice that you have more energy and determination than other parts of the day. Use this to your advantage by optimizing your daily tasks to fit with your emotional state, and energy levels. For example, if in the morning you have tons of energy and are really motivated, schedule your sales calls for the morning time. If you feel like you have less energy and motivation to talk to people in the evening around 3:00pm, then schedule your emails, and mundane task for the evening. This will ensure that you get the most productivity out of your day, and that good energy and motivation doesn’t go to waste.



7. Delegate Tasks

You can’t try to be superman, and do everything yourself, and expect your business to grow. Utilize employees, or outsourcing to free up time. Remember, you are already busy running your business, and you don’t have time to be everywhere at once doing all things at once. You can delegate tasks to others and leverage your workforce to keep your business running efficiently so you can focus on growing and improving your business. Try to think of your business as a well oiled machine with many parts working together to accomplish the same goal. Delegation gives you true leverage, and the ability to keep your time free to focus on more important things.



8. Don’t Overanalyze

Analysis is good, however sometimes it’s easy to overanalyze situations, which delay the decision making process. Sometimes your mind can be your own worst enemy, and over analyzing things is a perfect example of this.  You should always gather as much info an analysis as possible, but never delay to moment that the decision is made. Always try and set a goal for when the decision is to be made, then give yourself a window to gather info and analyze data to make an informed decision.



9. Have A Meeting Free Day

At least 1 day per week, you should have a full work day with no meetings allowed. If you allowed them to, meetings could easily end up taking up your entire work week. If you implement this consistently, you could notice a spike in new clients acquired on those meeting free days because it gives you more time to focus on income producing activities interruption free.



10. Get Comfortable

This is an easy one. Making yourself more comfortable has been proven to increase productivity. If you have employees, make them more comfortable, and not only will they appreciate their boss more, but they will also be more productive because they aren’t being distracted as much with uncomfortable sensations such as a hurting back from sitting in a metal folding chair all day as opposed to sitting in a nice comfortable padded chair. They may stay seated for longer periods of time due to increased comfort, thus being more productive, and generating you more income.

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