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Chris Mitchell is Founder and CEO of Chris Mitchell Marketing, a digital web agency located in Athens, Alabama. Chris leads a team of 15+ experts in UX/UI design, copywriting, project management, and development to deliver cutting edge digital experiences to clients around the world.

Google Calendar Material Design: The New Look & Functionality

We put together a list of the key features offered with the new Google Calendar Material Design, and how to enable the newest version of Google Calendar. Material Design is Google’s current design philosophy, used in 2014 on Android 5.0 Lollipop. Material Design uses alot of whitespace, animations and [...]

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What A Style Guide is and Why It’s Important

A style guide is a guide for how a brand should be represented and presented from both a graphic and language standpoint. The main purpose of a style guide is to ensure that contributors to a brands online presence, website, or other marketing materials stay consistent with the [...]

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7 Powerful Secrets Skyrocket Your Real Estate Buyer Leads

1. Conversion Optimize Your Website/ Landing Pages Many people think that to generate more leads, that they need to drive more traffic to their website which is partially true, however before spending money to drive targeted traffic to your website, you should first ask yourself the question....how can I [...]

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10 Ways To Increase Productivity In Your Business

Time is money, and when it comes to your business, it is very important that you get the most out of every second spent running your business because if you don't it can cost you lots of money that you could instead stuff into your bank account as pure [...]

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How To Get The Best ROI With Google Adwords In 2015

Use a Minimum Budget Ive seen too many people try and run google adwords campaigns with a $50 daily budget. When it comes to building a successful campaign that brings you a great ROI, it is very important to test and gather the necessary data to make accurate and [...]

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