Best Productivity Tools For Success and Profitability in 2018

If you are looking for the best productivity tools to make your job easier, and more productive in the upcoming 2018 year of business, you are in the right place. We have compiled a list of some of the most effective and useful tools available to make you more productive and efficient with your time management, project management and task management.

Trello Has The Best Productivity Tools For Task Management

trello is the best productivity tool

Trello is an amazing tool for task management, and team collaboration. Trello has a ton of valuable productivity features built right into the system.

One of my favorite features about Trello is the easy to use checklists. At the end of each work day, I create a new to do list for the next day, so I stay focused on getting my priorities taken care of the next day. I also have my Google calendar linked to Trello via a Zapier integration so when I add meetings and events into Google Calendar, it automatically creates a new task on a Trello board I have titled “Sales Related Tasks”.

Other great features that makes Trello one of the best productivity tools is the ability to add multiple team members to collaborate on boards, leave comments, upload attachments, and set due dates on tasks, and color coding. Trello can be used for a variety of purposes ranging from managing checklists, to basic project management. They also have a really great smartphone app that comes in handy if you are on the go like I am.

Google Assistant Is The Best Personal Assistant Tool For Productivity

google assistant productivity app

Google Assistant is a virtual personal assistant developed by Google and announced at its developer conference in May 2016. Unlike Google Now, the Google Assistant can engage in two-way conversations. Assistant initially debuted as part of Google’s messaging app Allo, and its voice-activated speaker Google Home.

Google Assistant can help you be more productive while you are on the go. You can easily give Google Assistant commands, and it will give you answers, complete tasks such as adding appointments to your calendar, opening webpages and apps, and verbally returning answers and information to you upon command.

Zapier Increase Productivity By Connecting Apps & Automating Workflows

zapier is the best productivity tool for automation

Zapier is like having your own personal robot that works around the clock 24/7 to connect apps and automate workflows making it one of the best productivity tools available. You can setup API and Webhook integrations between 2 or more software systems so you can send information and trigger actions between systems.

Here are a few ways that I personally use Zapier: When someone fills out the contact form on my website, zapier creates a new deal in my sales pipeline inside my Pipedrive CRM account, and adds the contact details to a list within my mailchimp account. When I schedule a new sales related activity associated with the deal such as a call or a meeting, zapier creates a new event in Google calendar, and creates a reminder on a card in my Trello account titled “Sales Related Activities”.

Brainleaf – The Best Productivity Tool For Project Scoping

brainleaf, the best project scoping tool

Brainleaf is without a doubt, the best project scoping tool available. Brainleaf makes it possible to rapidly create detailed and organized scopes of work along with hours and cost estimation built right in making it the best productivity tool for quoting projects.

Information architecture is a breeze with Brainleaf with the easy to use navigation builder and the ability to bill by task hourly, and even establish roles for your contractors so they only see the pricing you want them to see. The system will allow you to set a flat fee, a project hourly rate, or a task hourly rate.

There is an easy to use billing tab where you can input the hourly rate per task for both your cost, and what you want to charge your clients. The total hours and price are calculated and the client can see their cost, and you can see your total cost and profit in the reporting tab where you can see a detailed breakdown of your cost and profit per task and for the total project.

If you are looking for the best productivity tools for creating contracts, they are a breeze with Brainleaf through the use of their automated system that populates data from the project profile into the contract and attaches it with the scope of work so it saves you time putting together contracts since you can just select one from your contract template library and hit send.

Brainleaf can send a request for approval to your client with a link they can view in their browser to approve or disapprove the SOW, or you can get a PDF copy and send it to them manually from your domain if you wish.

PipeDrive CRM Improves Sales Productivity and Sales Pipeline Management

pipedrive crm for sales productivity

Pipedrive is a CRM system and one of the best productivity tools for helping you better manage your prospective customers from the time they enter your sales pipeline until the point they become a paying client, and furthermore designed to help you better motivated you and your team to schedule more sales related activities to nurture your prospects to keep them moving through your pipeline towards a closed deal.

Pipedrive comes with a lot of great features including the ability to create your own custom deal pipelines, with custom stages. The also have a great smartphone app that tracks phone calls and motivates you by asking you if you want to schedule another “activity” at the end of your phone call with a simple prompt at the end. Pipedrive also integrates with a plethora of systems and software in both the sending and receiving directions via API or Webhooks.

Pipedrive is the ultimate CRM system to keep you and your sales team meeting your quotas and sales goals making it one of the best productivity tools available.

Harvest – The Best Time Tracking Productivity Tools

harvest time tracking productivity app

In my search for the best productivity tools to help me in my own business, I tried several time tracking solutions, and find Harvest to be the simplest, smoothest, most flexible and responsive time tracking solutions I have found. You can track time right from your browser, or you can manually enter time after you have already completed a task.

Harvest makes it very easy keep track of your team’s time to make sure you are profitable on your projects. You can even invoice clients from Harvest if you use Paypal or Stripe as your primary payment processor, and they even have a forecast app to plan for the future.

Freedcamp – The Best Project Management Software for Productivity

freedcamp project management tool for productivity

Freedcamp is a flexible and easy to use project management system and is loaded with some of the best productivity tools to help you manage project related tasks and collaborate with your team. Freedcamp also comes loaded with both basic and advance features that make it a flexible productivity tool.

My favorite way to use Freedcamp is with the Kanban view with the columns “No progress”, “In Progress”, “Completed”.  Its really easy to create and manage, and move tasks throughout the timeline, the same way a typical sales pipeline works.

Freedcamp has some of the best productivity tools built right in to the system. Features include communication with team members about project details per task and subtask. Freedcamp comes with a calendar, discussion area and files section for each project, but you can easily add additional apps to increase functionality.

I personally use Freedcamp for managing my clients tasks throughout the project, and for managing my designers and developers to make sure they meet their deadlines.

Buffer- The Best Productivity Tools For Social Media

buffer, the best productivity tool for social media management

Buffer is the easiest and most efficient way to automate your social media posting making it one of the best productivity tools for social media.

Some of the best features of buffer include the ability to manage and post to multiple social networks, and the ability to post new blog posts to social media without you have to manually post them.

Buffer also has a built in image creator, analytics, and a smartphone app for on the go. If you are looking for one of the best productivity tools for automating social media posting, checkout buffer.

Cold Turkey Is The Best Productivity Tool For Blocking Distractions

cold turkey productivity tool for blocking distractions

Cold Turkey is one of the best productivity tools for blocking distractions and keeping you focused on your important work related tasks. You can block yourself from sites like facebook so you don’t waste time during work hours. You can set a timer, or you can schedule your blocks ahead so it automatically starts during work.

Cold Turkey also has whitelisting allowing you to block everything except for you will be working on. You simply block everything in 1 easy steps and whitelist the sites you will be working.

With Cold Turkey, you can block hindering apps that kill your productivity. You can even create breaks between work time allowing you to still have fun, yet stay productive. All these features make it one of the best productivity tools for blocking distractions and reaching goals.

Google Calendar Is The Best Schedule & Event Management Productivity Tool

Google calendar, the best productivity tool for schedule & event management

Google Calendar recently received a major update with their newly redesigned interface using material design, which is google’s design philosophy. The release of the newest version added some added features to increase productivity. You can now add conference room details, rich snippet formatting, and a multiple calendar day view.

Google Calendar is one of the best productivity tools for creating events. It notifies all attendees via email, allowing users to accept the event and add to their own calendar.

I have my Google Calendar linked to my Pipedrive CRM system, and Trello to saves me a ton of time. Every time I schedule new sales related activities in Pipedrive, it adds a reminder to my list in Trello.

Google Calendar integrates seamlessly with many softwares to automate tasks using a simple API bridge with a software like Zapier.

I hope this post was very helpful and informative. If you got value from our list of the best productivity tools, feel free the share it with your friends on social media below, and don’t forget to subscribe to our newsletter the get notified of our latest posts.

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