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Disclaimer: Chris Mitchell Marketing LLC does not guarantee any specific results, number of leads generated, specific sales figures, or boost in % of leads generated. Our website only conveys typical numbers and results that past clients have received and existing clients achieve on average. Results will obviously vary based on niche, competitivness of market, and other varying factors such as website hosting, speed, and the amount of traffic driven to website from marketing and advertising campaigns. Again, statements on our website such as “Generate 200%-500% more leads within the next 3 months with a lead generation funnel optimized to convert visitors into leads and sales”, are not guarantees, but instead results that many clients have received and your results may vary. We do not offer refunds for website development services delivered to client, even if client is disatisfied with results achieved. We strive to deliver the best and highest quality services and results possible, and we strive to provide the best customer service and support possible based on client budget and goals.