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Phase 1
Needs Discovery
We meet with you to ask questions, and find out what your biggest struggles are in your business to determine what your true needs and goals are so we can serve you in the best way possible to truly solve your problems.
Phase 2
& Consulting
Strategy & Consulting
Based on your needs and goals which we discussed on your needs discovery session, our team puts together a solid strategy for your website to succeed at providing your users with a great experience and growing your revenue.
Phase 3
Information Architecture
After coming up with a solid website strategy, we put together your website architecture to determine how the pages will be structured and how users will get to what they are looking for most easily and efficenctly.
Phase 4
Of Work
Scope Of Work
We create a detailed proposal with your total cost, expenses, hours, planning, design and development tasks, website features, and more. When we finish this phase, you have a detailed blueprint for a successful website.
Phase 5
Design Layout
Wireframing Design Layout
We create wireframes showing the layouts of your website as well as other features, user interfaces, and more. This process is the framework for the High Fidelity mockups we create in the next phase.
Phase 6
High Fidelity
High Fidelity Design
We use photoshop and sketch to create realistic, high fidelity mockups of your web pages so you can visually see what your website will look like before we even start building your project.
Phase 7
Working Prototypes
We take our sketch and photoshop designs and put them into InvisionApp to create a high fidelity working prototype so you can actually get a look and feel of your website before we move onto coding.
Phase 8
Coding, Development
& Systems Integration
Coding, Development & Systems Integration
Once we get approval from you on the design, then we move onto coding and developing your website as well as integrating complex systems such as CRMs like Salesforce, API integrations and more.
Phase 9
& Debugging
Testing & Debugging
After we finish coding, we perform rigorous testing across various mobile devices so we can work out any bugs there may be before we launch your completed website.
Phase 10
Project Launch
Once we finalize all the revisions and receive the final payment for our hard work, we migrate the new website over to your hosting and domain, and you have a completed website ready to grow your business.

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