Win Big Clients With This Powerful Brain Dominance Technique

In this article, I am going to show you a sales technique that will completely transform the way you look at your prospects, and give you the upper hand in any sales related process to win big clients using a little know Brain Dominance technique.

As the owner of a digital agency, my passion for helping others has set me on a quest to increase my knowledge, so I can help others better. In 2017, I attended a business development class that taught a process known as HBDI that completely changed the way I look at sales, and more importantly, at the way I look at people.

What Is HBDI?

HBDI (Herrmann Brain Dominance Instrument) is an assessment to determine your thinking, and communication preferences, and show you which quadarants of your brain are most dominant in your thinking and communication processes.

technique to win big clientsHow I Learned HBDI

I originally learned HBDI from a 3 day business development class I took in Atlanta, Ga.

They provided us with the assessment, then trained us on how to identify our prospects, strategic partners, etc, and identify their thinking and communication preferences, and how to adapt our communication style, and sales style, to align with our prospects decision making, and buying style.

Key Takeaways I got from HBDI:

  • Get your prospect talking as early as possible, and identify their thinking and communication preferences.
  • Adapt your selling process to align with your prospects thinking process to sell how they like to be sold.
  • Apply the whole brain model to everything from sales activities, to project, and team meetings to constantly progress to the next step.

How to Apply HBDI To Your Own Business and Life

how to win big clients

  • Learn the HBDI chart so you can pickup on other people’s thinking and communication preferences.
  • Listen more and talk less to gather data to pinpoint other people’s HBDI preference.
  • Adapt your approach to appeal to your prospects in a way that resonates with their HBDI style.
  • Use The Whole Brain Approach in your sales meetings, emails, and project meetings to constantly progress the agenda, and get approvals.
  • Incorporate HBDI into every pitch, presentation and meeting to address the problems, and proposed solutions that hit all 4 quadrants by answering the what (blue), why (yellow), how (green), and who (red).

If you want to learn more about how to win big clients, HBDI, and the business development training that taught me how to use and apply HBDI in my own business, you can learn more from Bunnell Idea Group, and Herrmann Solutions.

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Chris Mitchell is Founder and CEO of Chris Mitchell Marketing, a digital agency located in Athens, Alabama. Chris leads a team of experts in UX/UI design, copywriting, project management, and website development to deliver cutting edge digital experiences.

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